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Welcome from the CHIP Program

In 1990 a beautiful, loving golden retriever began training to become a service dog. This special dog was trained to do a variety of skills including, but not limited to, opening doors, turning lights on and off, finding the cordless telephone, retrieving dropped items, and assist his companion with walking.

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Services Provided

The CHIP Program trains and places custom trained Service Dogs for mature children, adults, and veterans with qualifying disabilities and Facility Dogs who live in an Assisted Living Facility. Educational Programs are provided to school children, civic groups, clubs, organizations and governmental agencies.

Mobility Service Dogs

People we serve are provided service dogs to help them become more independent. Their dogs are trained to do a multitude of tasks from picking up a dime to opening a door.

Facility Dogs

Facility dogs are trained to provide comfort and care to residents who are residing in a health care facility.

Educational Programs

One of CHIP’s goals is to properly educate school children about service dogs. To assist teachers with the necessary tool to facilitate and identify both visible and non-visible...