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About CHIP Program

In 1990 a beautiful, loving golden retriever began training to become a service dog. This special dog was trained to do a variety of skills including but not limited to opening doors, turning lights on and off, finding the cordless telephone, retrieving dropped items, and assist his companion with walking. Like the seed that was planted for Chip to become a service dog, so was the independence his partner soon received. The doors this remarkable animal opened have become the legacy to which he is remembered.

Established in 1997 as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, the goals of the Canines Helping Independent People, Inc, (CHIP) program are two-fold. One is to facilitate a committed relationship between a dog and a recipient that fosters increased independence for a disabled person.

The other is to provide community education that allows for the disabled individual and dog to be fully accepted and integrated into society.

CHIP is dedicated to ensuring that the majority of the money raised to support our organization goes directly to the programs we offer. Currently, the majority of our funding goes towards training dogs for people with Mobility Impairments, Veterans in need of support, dogs for people with certain qualifying Psychiatric Disorders, Individually Trained Service Dogs, and Facility Dogs for people living in residential facilities. We also support our Educational Programs. Our qualified volunteers bring a unique background in a variety of fields that enhances their understanding and loyalty of the fundamental aspects of running a Service Dog Program. We train all of our volunteers on the important and crucial factors in pairing the dog’s ABILITIES with the person’s DISABILITY.

Canines Helping Independent People, Inc. trains dogs for people in the Canton, Ohio and surrounding areas who qualify for one of our programs. We also provide services to assist individuals in training their own dogs.