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Foster Families

A vital key to the success of C.H.I.P. is the tireless dedication of our foster families. These wonderful volunteers open their homes to dogs “in training” where they teach the dogs basic obedience and positive household behaviors, and socialize the dogs in public. The volunteers also teach the dogs many of the service dog skills. When the dogs are ready to finalize the training, they begin living with a certified trainer. During this final phase of training, the dogs will begin to perform all of the service dog skills so that the trainer can pair them with appropriate applicants.

This is a great project for children who are already involved in 4-H, Boy Scouts Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or other mature child looking to go into the field of animal care. Other types of fosters may be a person who just wants a dog around during certain parts of the year or love dogs but can’t afford to own one of their own. We are always in need of fosters. The C.H.I.P. program pays all expenses of caring for their new trainee.

When their dog has successfully been placed with a disabled person, the Foster Families present the dog to their new partner. Call now and you will change a least three lives; the dog, yours and the recipient. What greater gift to give than a new life!

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We are always in need of foster families. CHIP pays all the expenses and no previous training is required.