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Get Involved

The CHIP program is always looking for people who want to get involved in some way. Without these wonderful volunteers, we would not be as successful as we are today.

  • Advertising
  • Computer help
  • Donate dog supplies
  • Donate an old car
  • Donate gas cards
  • Help with fundraising events
  • Marketing support
  • Volunteer your time

There is always something to do!

Service Dogs

Canines Helping Independent People, C.H.I.P., a disabled person receives the independence they deserve and the companionship they desire through the assistance of their highly trained Service Dog. With the help of their dog, the use of wheelchairs, canes and walkers are often limited or no longer needed once the disabled person receives a Service Dog. Consequently, many of the physical and perceptual barriers imposed on the disabled are broken down. Although the physical rewards are obvious, the social and emotional rewards go beyond measure. Therefore, each Service Dog placed benefits the entire community by establishing a link between the disabled and non-disabled that no inanimate object can provide.

Individual Recipient Training

Individual recipient training is provided to those individuals who wish to train their own Service Dog or who already have a working Service Dog but need specialized skill training. Although a team is not necessarily from our program, it is CHIP’s philosophy that every disabled individual deserves the opportunity to have a Service Dog that can provide for their needs. Often times, a person’s disability changes making it crucial that the dog learn additional skills. CHIP is pleased to offer these services to ensure the safety of each team.

Educational Programs

As the number of dogs in public schools and our community has increased, so have our requests for demonstrations. To assist teachers with the necessary tool to facilitate and identify both visible and non-visible capabilities and disabilities of children within the classroom and the community, CHIP has developed an innovative educational activity book about Service Dogs and how they help people with disabilities. By incorporating awareness and tolerance of all kinds of disabilities into the curriculum, children will learn to value their own needs and abilities as well as those of others, while at the same time learn about Service Dogs and the various jobs they perform. As children grow into adults they will value the abilities and needs of the disabled person, which will prepare them for greater career opportunities. In addition, awareness out-reach programs are provided to hospitals, civic groups, businesses and governmental agencies.

We are always in need of foster families. CHIP pays all the expenses and no previous training is required.