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Individual Trained Service Dogs

In keeping with our mission to provide service dogs to disabled people in need, we have included assisting disabled people who already own their own dog and wish to train it to perform certain service dog skills. Not every dog or a disabled person will be able to become a Service Dog team. This program is a pay as you go program and the individual must have a signed letter from their treating physician stating the nature of their disability and how they believe a service dog will help their patient. This program is very strict in its requirements and the disabled person must show proof that the dog has been well taken care; including being spayed or neutered, up to date on all shots and has gone through basic obedience classes. Documentation from the dog’s treating Veterinarian and class diploma’s must be provided before the dog is evaluated as to whether or not that it can possibly begin training to become a Service Dog. The dog must be at least two years of age before we will consider evaluating an individual’s dog. Because of the amount of dogs we train the individual must understand that the dogs in our Service Dog program come first. We DO NOT train an individual’s dog. The disabled person is shown how to train their dog to assist them with their particular medical needs.

If a person who has a qualifying disability would like to learn how to train their dog to assist them, they must first fill out an application and provide all required documentation and return it to the C.H.I.P. program. Once the application has been approved by our board of trustees, the dog will go through an extensive evaluation test. The person must also show their ability to work with their dog. If the two seem to have the ability to work together then the two will continue to come to us for the next training sessions. We highly recommend that you own a dog that retrieves, is already been through obedience classes and has a good disposition. Retriever breeds are the most notable for this type of work. We will do everything that we can to assist you along the way, but the ultimate success depends on the person’s ability to train and their dog’s willingness to learn. When the dog has mastered your personal skills than the two will be certified by the C.H.I.P. program.

PLEASE NOTE: The C.H.I.P. program will not take your dog and train it for you. Also keep in mind that the time and expense involved can become quite costly.
CHIP does not train Therapy Dogs.